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I love music and I play the violin. I have studied Western Classical music for many years. In recent years, I have participated with the Bangalore School of Music and the Bangalore Sinfonietta in various orchestral concerts. Earlier, I played with the Delhi Symphony Orchestra and with The Muses in Delhi. I also, very briefly, joined the Waukegan Symphony Orchestra in Illinois, in 1998.


I love dogs and horses. I don’t like cats, cockroaches, rats, and lizards. (Either one by one or all together, but not necessarily in that order!) I am ok with snakes and spiders as long as they don’t bite me (though they usually do).

I spent the halcyon days of childhood in the company of three dogs: terrier, spaniel and mongrel. My most beloved dog, Cassie, the last of the three, passed away a few years ago, after I had moved away from home. I have not kept a dog since then, but one day I will. My favorite breeds are Irish Setters, Labradors (golden or black), Cocker Spaniels, Golden Retrievers, mongrels. Oh, and Beagles and Basset Hounds, with their imploring, dreamy eyes.

I learnt to ride at the Turf Club in Bangalore in 2000. I fell 7 times over as many months and enjoyed myself hugely the rest of the time. Over the years, I slowly gave up riding (the early mornings were a strong disincentive) but not before gaining a lasting respect for these independent and temperamental creatures.


I learnt to use a camera in my teens and have been happily clicking ever since. I am not excessively artistic in my ambitions – I would rather take a photograph that captures the essence of a place than strive to create a masterpiece or add any interpretation or personal perspective to what the camera sees. A few years ago I reluctantly made the move from negative to slide and then from film to digital.


I enjoy playing badminton and tennis. I like cycling, but I think it’s better with an engine attached to it. I like swimming and have tried white water rafting - once. I have also tried (and enjoyed) parasailing. I have not tried bungee jumping or rock climbing and I think I would be scared of both.


I love to read. Period. I read just about anything I can lay my hands on.

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