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Working from Home

By Anamika Mukherjee

Working from home sounds like a wonderful option, doesn’t it? You save maybe a couple of hours on the commute to and from work. With all that extra time on your hands, you can flex your working hours to:

  • sleep late
  • attend to personal tasks
  • have lunch with friends and family
  • and still get more work done than you would at office.
What’s more, you can play music and talk on the phone as loud as you please, for as long as you like, without headphones, and on the whole feel like master of your destiny.

All this, and you don’t even have to look respectable.

What could be better?

Well, after trying it out a few times, I realized that working from home has some pitfalls as well. The most frequently occurring pitfalls, in my limited experience, are listed below in no particular order, with the disclaimer that this is by no means a comprehensive list:
  • You log on to check your email and find that broadband doesn’t work.
  • It’s time for an important meeting and the power goes off. Sure, the laptop has battery back-up (well, for all of half an hour or so), but the broadband modem doesn’t. And of course, you could use good old dial-up, but can you really run NetMeeting over a dial-up?
  • Now where’s that portable power cord for the laptop?
  • Oh, is that a VoIP number? And how do you connect to that from an external line, again? Of course you can! Can’t you?
Ok, so the answer to that is, be prepared. (It’s not that difficult, if you know how.) However, if you’re still not sure whether working from home is a good option or not, just think of all the fun activities you’ll miss by not going to office.
  • Rushing through the getting-ready-for-office activities
  • Wondering if you’re going to miss the shuttle (if you commute by shuttle); or
  • Hoping that you don’t get caught in the traffic jams (if you drive)
  • Wishing that you could avoid the dust and pollution (if you go by two-wheeler)
  • Praying that you don’t get splashed by a passing bus (if it’s been raining)
And once you make it to office, don’t forget two all-important considerations:
  • Coffee-machine coffee (or, for that matter, tea)
  • Cafeteria lunch
Yup, it’s a tough choice all right. No easy answers to this one!

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